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Pukekohe High School

“Facilitating Travellers has been a wonderful opportunity. The programme is about the best I have ever participated in. The students loved the programme, too. There was not a single activity that they did not respond well to. I was amazed at the accuracy of the [baseline] survey – also many of the students identified would have gone unnoticed through the year had they not been picked up in the survey.”

Faculty Manager, Student Support

St Cuthberts College

“We ran two TravellersTM Groups last year. Both groups responded well to the programme. Neither group wanted it to end and requested reunion follow-ups. Of the 19 girls, 14 went on to seek individual counselling at various times during and after the programme ended. At the reunion session four months later it was evident they had retained many of the skills learned to manage their moods and relationships and were using these effectively.”


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What other facilitators say about TravellersTM:

“The survey was really good, absolutely. It picked up on young people that we would never have known about unless they’d come forward themselves. It picked up people that had gone through a lot of change and they really did benefit from the group.”

“I just feel privileged really – to have been able to be part of such a great training programme with such informative leaders, because it’s really well researched and it fits into my philosophical position about enhancing, supporting and enabling people.”

“An unexpected bonus I experienced in running my groups has been seeing the connectedness that developed between the students, and between the students and me. It grew like a family-life group within the school that students became passionately attached to. As research shows, perceived school connectedness is the key protective factor in youth emotional health; the value of this aspect of TravellersTM is not to be underestimated.”