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What is Resilience

Resilience has many definitions but Skylight’s preferred definitions are:

The capacity to spring back, rebound, successfully adapt in the face of adversity, and develop social, academic and vocational competence despite exposure to severe stress or simply to stress that is intent in today’s world (Henderson et al 1999).

In a New Zealand context, resiliency could be considered as hauora – a  state of strength and well being. It gives individuals living in an adverse environment the capacity to surmount their difficulties (Peters and Thurlow 2002)

Resilience research has identified a combination of factors that contribute to resilience in a person’s life- despite any cultural or other differences; the most important fundamental factor of all is having positive, trusting and supportive interpersonal relationships.

Travellers aims to assist young people in a school setting to enhance and develop such relationships and building resiliency as a part of their personal journey as they undertake a Travellers programme.