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Travellers™ was developed, piloted and evaluated under contract for the New Zealand  Ministry of Health by Skylight in partnership with the University of Auckland's Injury Prevention Research Centre. Check out the Pilot Research Findings. 

Travellers, a school-based programme, is run by trained facilitators from within the school environment, who guide students through fun yet relevant activities, using the "Life is a Journey" metaphor.

The programme is in its tenth year and currently more than 200 schools across New Zealand offer Travellers to their students. Skylight has trained over 900 facilitators to run the programme in their schools.

Travellers supports students at school by helping them to build resilience and enhance connections through:

  • exploring their change, loss and transition experiences; 
  • navigating their movement through change, loss and transition in safe and adaptive ways; 
  • linking how they think and feel about change, loss and transition situations and how their thoughts and feelings influence how they cope and respond; 
  • enhancing supportive environments and improving their learning outcomes.

Youth Wellbeing Survey

The programme leverages the results of a short, confidential online survey completed by students. The results from this survey help schools select students who might benefit from being offered a place in the school's Travellers programme.

You can test a demo with a selection of results here.

Travellers  Groups

  • 8 to 10 Year 9 participants 
  • 8 to 10 sessions (60 to 90 minutes) 
  • Sessions reflect on major events and daily hassles 
  • School-based in class time 
  • Facilitated by trained school staff

Learn about the Travellers Sessions

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