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Travellers Supplementary Resources

You can enhance your delivery of the Travellers programme to better fit your students' needs by customising your resources. Below are some substitutions and supplements you can use along with the Travellers resources that are already in your kit.

A huge thank you to Orongomai Marae for their time, energy and enthusiasm in collaborating their ideas for these supplementary resources. Facilitators are invited to use the activities as they are, or to adapt them to their particular young people's needs.

Sessions 1 & 2


Travelling Safely - Shoe

Travelling Safely - Compass

Travelling Safely - Thought Bubbles

Paired Interviews (Please reiterate to your young people that questions don't have to be answered if they're too personal!)

Session 5

Feelings, thoughts, and behaviours... Show the group the following pictures and ask questions like: What's happening in this picture? What's he/she thinking? What's he/she feeling? What's happening in her/his body? What could you do to help/support them?

Wolf/puppy Image

Police Image

Snakes and Ladders Cards

Session 6

Time Spent chart

Session 7

Support Circles

Session 8

Making sense of the journey so far...To celebrate the Travellers Journey at the end of the final session do one or more of the following:

  • A proper Travellers Certificate
  • A photo collage of the overall experience
  • Help them come up with their own affirmation
  • Medals
  • Make a timeline around the walls of the journey
  • Photo of class, scrap book/photo album
  • Awards at the end as you go through song about journey
  • Group trip
  • End of course feed

What's in the name "Travellers"?

Travellers Resources

Once you have used the resources from the Travellers kit, you can order more and they are now free of charge.

Download a list of resources here and fill in the quantity column.

Please send to travellers@skylight.org.nz or tadmin@skylight.org.nz

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